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opinion Thomas Lewis

MIX Online Brings Holiday Gifts Early11

by Thomas Lewis on Dec 15, 2009 in News

MIX Online Brings Holiday Gifts Early

Today we’re announcing a trifecta of holiday cheer: an all-up redesign of our website, a new lab called Incarnate and a year-round contest called MIX10KRead More…

opinion Nishant Kothary

Say Hello to MIX Online 2.013

by Nishant Kothary on Dec 14, 2009 in Design

After three intense months, we’re finally ready to reintroduce ourselves through an all-up redesign. MIX Online 2.0 marks the culmination of a year-long exploration of the MIX brand, business and values Read More…

labNote Karsten Januszewski

Introducing Incarnate21

by Karsten Januszewski on in News

Our latest lab, Incarnate, finds your avatars around the web, so you don’t have to upload a new one every time you join a service or leave a comment Read More…

article Luke Wroblewski

Web Forms for People58

by Luke Wroblewski on in Design

Web Forms for People

As the Web has grown, so has the number of ways people use it. Today, it’s not uncommon for Web users to shop, chat with friends or strangers, manage their bank accounts and exercise routines, share photos or videos, and more. In fact, if it can be done online, it probably already is Read More…

labNote Vicky Tamaru

A Word Press Plug In For Incarnate10

by Vicky Tamaru on in Development

Managing Your Avatars These days, most people keep profiles on a number of popular sites like Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, and Twitter. Dealing with all these profiles—and especially their accompanying avatars—can be tricky. There are a couple of services that make managing avatars easy. One is Gravatar, which makes your avatar available all over the Read More…

opinion Joshua Allen

Pictures or it Didn’t Happen5

by Joshua Allen on Dec 8, 2009 in Web Culture

Pictures or it Didn’t Happen

You’ve probably seen this meme on Twitter or Facebook. Your friend posts a juicy status message like, “I just saw Tiger Woods flirting with Richard Simmons at LAX!”, and someone quickly replies, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen!”. I love this meme, because it functions on multiple levels, and has a sort of ironic postmodern twist. Read More…

labNote Karsten Januszewski

Adventures With Windows Azure Diagnostics7

by Karsten Januszewski on Dec 4, 2009 in Development

I recently took the Azure plunge, in preparation for an upcoming Mix Online Service we will be announcing soon. Things went relatively smoothly, but I hit few gotchas, especially when trying to get diagnostics and logging working.  Below is a chronicle of said gotchas, with tips on how to resolve them. Getting Started To learn Read More…

labNote Hans Hugli

Using the HTML5 Video and Audio Tag with Gestalt3

by Hans Hugli on Dec 2, 2009 in Development

It’s true: Gestalt enables you to implement HTML5 video and audio tags. With just a little bit of JavaScript, Gestalt parses out media tags and injects all the HTML you need to embed a video or audio application. The Gestalt media player is also open source and customizable. Check it out at Cross-Platform Support Read More…

opinion Joshua Allen

Gestalt Grows Up6

by Joshua Allen on Nov 20, 2009 in Development

Last week, we discussed the fact that Microsoft invests heavily in both HTML5 and Silverlight, two technologies that other companies would have you believe are mortally opposed.  Our commitment to both was underscored this week by our announcements about IE9 and Silverlight 4. When we launched Gestalt beta less than 4 months ago, our goal Read More…

opinion Hans Hugli

Introducing Gestalt 1.0 and the Gestalt Widget Pack0

by Hans Hugli on in News

A few months ago, we released Gestalt beta as a MIX Online lab.  Gestalt began as an exploration—a way to bring Ruby and Python to the web browser.  Today, we’re delighted to announce that Gestalt has been updated to version 1.0. It’s now part of IronRuby 1.0 and IronPython.  The IronRuby team has made a Read More…