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Incarnate for WordPress Plugin Updated

Feb 15, 2010 In Development By Karsten Januszewski

We’re excited to announce Incarnate for WordPress version 1.2. Significant work has been done with the plugin to address issues that arose with earlier versions.  Because WordPress theming engine’s flexibility, there were number of cases where the plugin didn’t play nicely with WordPress themes.  We’ve fixed these issues and the plugin will now work as expected with most themes right out of the box.  In fact, we’ve confirmed that Incarnate for WordPress is compatible with the following themes (including the 10 most popular as listed here).

  • Arclite 2.02
  • Arjuna X
  • Atahualpa 3.4.5
  • Comment Central 1.2.3
  • Constructor 0.7.7
  • Cordobo Green Park 2 0.9.502
  • Dark Wood 1.7
  • Mystique 1.72
  • Inanis Glass 1.3.6
  • LightWord 1.9.6
  • Luxury Press 1.4
  • Lysa 1.2
  • Monochrome 2.7
  • Multi-Color 1.6
  • Organic Theme 1.9
  • P2 1.1.3
  • Piano Black 1.3
  • Pixel 2.0.0
  • WordPress Classic 1.5
  • WordPress Default 1.6


Incarnate still doesn’t work by default with some themes—sometimes it takes a little manual tweaking. To address this, we’ve improved our instructions and documentation. 

One example of a theme that takes additional tweaking is Composito, which TommyLee’s blog, The Spider King uses. In this case, we had to change 2 lines to the comments.php file to get Incarnate working. First, we had to change line 28 of comments.php from this:

  <p class="avt"><img src="<?php gravatar("R", 45, get_bloginfo('template_url')."/images/avatar-replace.png"); ?>" alt="Avatar" /></p>

To this:

  <p class="avt"><?php if(function_exists('incarnate_for_wordpress_insert_avatar')) { incarnate_for_wordpress_insert_avatar($comment); } ?></p>

Second, the following line had to be added at line  62.

  <?php if(function_exists('incarnate_for_wordpress_insert_ui')) { incarnate_for_wordpress_insert_ui(); } ?> 

Moving forward, we will document themes which are known to work but require additional tweaks like this.  Let us know if you find one.

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TJ TJ said on Feb 17, 2010

Looks quite nice, I may just give it a go.

SEO News SEO News said on Mar 3, 2010

That''s really fabulous to see Incarnate for WordPress Plugin. I am looking for some Knowledge on Incarnate for WordPress and gladly i landed here.

My Comments:
1) Did you tested all Plugins.
2) What is the lastest support available for these plugings for Latest WordPress Open-source.
3) Are these plugins comes under GNU silence.

Thanks for Sharing this post.

Ashish Sharma
( Co-Editor: SEO-SMO.NET)

Karsten Januszewski Karsten Januszewski said on Mar 3, 2010

1. I assume you mean did we test compatibility with Incarnate and other plugins. Answer is no, but we''ve seen no problems so far with popular plugins like akismet and others.
2. WordPress 2.9.2
3. License is MS-PL

SEO News SEO News said on Mar 4, 2010

Thanks For clarification. I also assuming the same about plugin compatibility issue.

Ashish Sharma
( Co-Editor: SEO-SMO.NET)

cat eye lenses cat eye lenses said on May 5, 2010

thanks for this, i just know it is going to be really useful

Hareton Hareton said on Dec 8, 2010

I like Incarnate and consider it to be really useful plugin. But somehow I have some problems with it. Namely Incarnate doesn''t show up in my comment form(
As far as I know it may happenif I have a custom theme that doesn''t exactly match the WordPress guidelines. But I don''t. From the article found by SE, I learned that to use the plug-in with your theme you''ll need to go to the settings page and follow the instructions to install Incarnate. Did everything as guggested, still didn''t manage to solve the problem( Any suggestions?

Nolan said on Jan 18, 2011

Good, because I have the dark wood theme, and it wasn''t working out for me the first time. Now how about custom themes? I have a blog about birds, and I had my sister in law draw me the most perfect theme for it. I haven''t applied it yet, but I want to know if it will be compatible with Incarnate? It''s not easy running a blog, and the main site all in one, so anything that makes this all easier is well received.

Karsten Januszewski Karsten Januszewski said on Jan 18, 2011

It *should* just work, as the update to Incarnate addressed underlying problems with how it integrated with WP. But, you never know until you try it -- best bet is to run it on a staging server first...

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