FourSquare Playground Visit Site →

Foursquare Playground

The Foursquare Playground is an interactive, 3D world that's a fun twist on the Foursquare culture. We commissioned this project — built by our friends at VectorForm — in partnership with Foursquare to demonstrate the power of the HTML5 Geolocation API. Visit Site →

Ze Frank had this awesome idea to create a social game — — that focuses on positive reinforcement through the act of bestowing virtual stars upon each other. We thought it'd be perfect way to celebrate the launch of IE9 and helped make it a reality.

Web Standards Sherpa Visit Site →

Web Standards Sherpa

Aaron Gustafson brought up the idea of a best practices site for web standards with us. A little bit of paperwork, six months of active basecamping, and a little help from Dan Cedarholm led to Web Standards Sherpa — a journey towards best web practices.

Lost World's Fairs Visit Site →

Lost World's Fairs

With a desire to celebrate real web typography on the Web, we reached out to Jason Santa Maria with a rough idea. He brought Frank Chimero, Trent Walton, Naz Hamid and Dave Rupert on board — aka Mighty & Friends — and together, they brought us Lost World’s Fairs.

10K Apart Visit Site →

10K Apart

Could you build a complete web application using less than 10 kilobytes? We put that question to test with the 10K Apart contest in partnership with An Event Apart. 367 entries in 28 days answered the question with a resounding, "Yes!"

A Website Named Desire Visit Site →

A Website Named Desire

Designing, building and launching a web site is real hard work. To help explain the process, we recruited XPlane's help to create a poster that celebrates us — the people who make web sites. The highly-featured microsite is compliments of Things That Are Brown.

Past Prototypes

Okapi Okapi Digital Generative Art in HTML5. AiToCanvas Ai → Canvas An Illustrator to HTML5 Canvas Plugin. Incarnate The Archivist A service that lets you search for tweets. Incarnate Incarnate Find & Reuse your Avatar Oomph 2 Oomph 2 A Microformats Toolkit Gestalt Gestalt Ruby, Python & XAML in your HTML pages Glimmer Glimmer A jQuery Interactive Design Tool Descry Descry Explaining Information with Graphics Oxite Oxite Our Homegrown Content Management Platform Flotzam Flotzam Bring the Best of the Web to You Archivist The Archivist Desktop Desktop App for Archiving Twitter

We've collaborated with web designers and developers to build delightful things for the Web.