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From SXSW to MIX09: Phizzpop Design Challenge Finale and More

Mar 12, 2009 In News By Joshua Allen

This year as last year, MIX09 and SXSW Interactive conferences are back-to-back. Since they are so close in proximity and time, many people will be attending both conferences again this year, including a fair number of people from our team. If you will be at SXSW, you should check out these 3 panels:

The big event at SXSW, though, is Monday night at 7:45PM CDT,when 5 top design agencies from around the country face off to see who is the best. All 5 winners from the regional PhizzPop design challenges have been working feverishly to implement the best design for a sustainable living campaign in Austin. The designs will all be shown on the big screen with presentations by the agencies,and a team of judges from the industry will pick the winner.

We will be streaming the Design Challenge Finale live, here on, Monday night. If you’re not going to be at SXSW, bookmark this page and watch the agencies show off their designs. You can also find videos of the five winning entries, the full challenge statement, and other information.

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markk said on Mar 17, 2009

Here''s a recap of the solution presented at PhizzPop SxSWi

Brenda Weiss said on Apr 1, 2009

i would like help to learn how to build a website