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MIX Online, The Next Chapter

Oct 21, 2008 In News By Thomas Lewis

You probably noticed the site looks a little different today than the last time you visited.

MIX Online has been a community site for web designers and developers who believe that the web is a great place for innovation. In the past, the site has given you a varied perspective of what is happening on the web, a view into our conference called MIX, and interviews with amazing people with incredible ideas and stories on how you can take advantage of the web.

But we were not content with resting there. We began thinking about how we could make MIX Online even better based on your feedback, audiences at our sister event, and people who have never even heard of MIX. We wanted to continue to be practical, conversational, innovative, unexpected and open.

Our site will continue as a community site for web designers and developers who build and believe that the web is a great place for innovation.

Here are some of the changes we have made based on your feedback:

  • We will take more of a scenario focus around emerging web trends. For example, Microformats is an interesting movement in the web community and we want to introduce you to it and give you some practical guidance around it.
  • We will continue to have our traditional blog, but we are renaming it under the heading "Opinions" that provides a more natural conversation with our small team.
  • We will provide practical articles with each scenario we cover that are written by people in the community, not always Microsoft’s perspective.
  • We are providing freely downloadable,open source,and immediately useable prototypes. We not only encourage you to use these prototypes for your own projects, but to also submit code to the prototype project on CodePlex.

We have a sister conference called MIX. We hope you have the opportunity to attend and continue to engage with us before, during and after the event.

Please take the opportunity to visit, give us your feedback and ideas, download prototypes, subscribe, and most of all: keep talking to us, we are listening.

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Ian Muir said on Oct 22, 2008

Cool, this seems like a good direction for the Mix site.

Thomas Lewis said on Oct 22, 2008

Thanks Ian, glad you like it.

Sean Gerety said on Oct 22, 2008

Congrats to your team on the new site. It''s fantastic.

Matthew David said on Nov 19, 2008

This site has a big pull with designers. Many of us are creating solutions that will be used for online advertising (whether it is the next web site, promotional collateral or an online ad). It would be great to see more information on how to manage online advertising as part of the three areas Mix appeals to: Developers, Designers and Marketing Groups. Can you squeeze in a track at the MIX conference in Spring on online advertising?

Thomas Lewis said on Nov 20, 2008

Hi Matthew. Online advertising has definitely come up during our planning discussions for the MIX Conference. I will follow up with our content owner for the conference regarding your suggestion. Thanks, keep the suggestions coming!

Chris Adams said on Jan 19, 2009

Great site Thomas, long time ....We did some work together back when you were in Texas...

Thomas Lewis said on Jan 19, 2009

Hi Chris, great to hear from you again. It has been a while. Glad you are checking out the site! Let me know if you are going to make it out to MIX09 this year and we can get together.