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MIX09 Keynote and Partner Highlights

Mar 18, 2009 By Joshua Allen

The Day 2 Keynote with Deborah Adler and Dean Hachamovitch is streaming live now! You can watch the keynote full-screen in the player below, or go straight to

As the keynote progresses, we’ll be posting in-depth video interviews and demos from the keynote partners right here, so come back to this page often!

And don’t forget to follow mixonline to be notified of new updates to the highlight and partner videos!

Here are the highlights from the Day 2 Keynote:

  • Dean Hachamovitch interview. Dean discusses in-depth the trade-offs that are faced when we update a product used by hundreds of millions of people.
  • OneRiot use of IE8. OneRiot discusses Web Slices, Accelerators, and Visual Search.
  • Deborah Adler. Tommy Lee interviews Deborah Adler about her inspiration in creating ClearRX

The Day 1 Keynote is available for on-demand viewing now at

Here are videos covering topics from the Day 1 keynote in more detail:

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Matt said on Mar 14, 2009

Looking good MIX team. I am looking forward to MIX this year in real time since I will be there. =)

Rajesh Lal said on Mar 14, 2009

looking forward to the announcement of Silverlight 3.0 with all the great features Scott is going to pack into it.

Joshua Allen said on Mar 16, 2009

Excellent! There will definitely be some IE8 and Silverlight 3 content, but we will make sure to have a suprise or two in store, too :-)

Jomit said on Mar 16, 2009

Looking forward for Silverlight 3 enhancements . . .

Leo said on Mar 17, 2009

Silverlight 3, ASP.NET MVC, oh my...

memekode said on Mar 17, 2009

Can''t wait to see the Silverlight presentation by Shawn Oster. PPS rules!

Peter said on Mar 18, 2009

SAP NetWeaver support for Silverlight 3 was mentioned in passing, where can I get more information on this?

Timur said on Mar 19, 2009

Will the MIX presentations videos be available for download as PDC presentations were?

Juan said on Mar 19, 2009

I really hope they put up the videos. It will be very disappointing if they don''t. They were a lot faster at this last year.

Joshua Allen said on Mar 19, 2009

@Juan, @Timur: The sessions should be posted for download within 24 hours of the session finishing. Thanks for watching!

Juan said on Mar 19, 2009

Cool, thanks Joshua.

Pandora Bracelets said on May 21, 2012

Curious to determine what all you intellectuals need to say about this?-?-.