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Oxite Update Released

Feb 20, 2009 By

After the initial release of Oxite, the team received a great deal of feedback, both positive and negative. Most of the comments we received were centered around the underlying architecture of the project; how the actual code was structured. It was always our intent to enhance and revise Oxite based on feedback from the community and for our own purposes, so we took all this input in and started planning out some key changes. The end result, after discussions and code reviews with both community members and Microsoft folks (including the ASP.NET MVC product team), was the revised version of Oxite that shipped out to Codeplex on February 15th. Most of the changes were architectural in nature, but while we worked we also managed to add some new features. Skinning is one area that was greatly enhanced, as was the admin area (where you can create posts, pages, change settings and moderate incoming comments), along with a number of smaller changes.

You can read about all the changes we made by checking out these key posts from the team, each focusing on different aspects of this release:

Various folks,including ourselves,are also busy working on new skins for Oxite (like this one by Tobin Titus). We’ll be listing them out here as we find out about them; send us a link to your skin and we’ll make sure to update the page!