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So Long,Farewell,Auf Wiedersehen…

Mar 24, 2009 By Joshua Allen

And so we say “Goodbye” to another excellent MIX conference. MIX09 is finished, and MIX10 is announced for next year, but we will continue publishing cool new open source experiments and articles here at MIX Online. We’ll be bringing you code-name “Glimmer” soon, and a super top-secret project shortly after. Come back to regularly, or subscribe to our twitter feed to always get the latest.

All of the session and keynote recordings are now available online. We are especially happy to be able to bring you three sessions about projects that have been featured here on MIX Online in the past couple of months:

In addition to the session and keynote videos, we worked hard to bring you in-depth video interviews that provide more context to go with the partners and announcements you saw in the keynotes: