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article Sarah Slobin

The Future of Infographics20

by Sarah Slobin on Jun 15, 2011 in Design

The Future of Infographics

Have you noticed that infographics are everywhere? You can't swing a diagram of a cat without hitting an infographic about making an infographic. As someone who loves data viz to death (I do it for a living) I've been stewing about the meaning of this trend. A lot. Read More…

opinion Tim Aidlin

Page Transitions13

by Tim Aidlin on Dec 3, 2010 in Design

Page Transitions

When working on mobile and web applications, it’s important to consider transitions from page to page. But how do you figure out what the best transitions to use are Read More…

opinion Thomas Lewis

Your Middle Manager’s Guide to Design Enlightenment6

by Thomas Lewis on Sep 21, 2010 in Design

Does your manager care about good design? Is he or she an advocate for good design? This post will help you discover how ‘design enlightened’ your boss is—and show you how to turn an unenlightened boss into a design advocate Read More…

opinion Nishant Kothary

Article vs. Section: We’ve Finally Gone Mad26

by Nishant Kothary on Aug 12, 2010 in Design

Two weeks ago I decided to use the controversial HTML5 structural tags, <article> & <section>, in the real world. A week ago I found the first white hair on my head Read More…

opinion Nishant Kothary

Less is More, More or Less21

by Nishant Kothary on Jul 8, 2010 in Design

Less is More, More or Less

Design decisions based on gut feelings, simple reasoning, and rules of thumb can be as effective, if not more, than those based on complex analyses Read More…

opinion Tim Aidlin

The Beginning of The Archivist3

by Tim Aidlin on Jul 2, 2010 in Design

A couple years ago, my friend irhetoric and I were chatting about Twitter, as we were at the end of building Flotzam, a social networking aggregator tool that collects and visualizes the ephemeral information floating around in the social sphere. In some ways, this ephemerality is beautiful: all this information swirls around us like leaves Read More…

opinion Thomas Lewis

On Being a Bad Client12

by Thomas Lewis on May 21, 2010 in Design

On Being a Bad Client

Perusing all the design blogs I follow, I always happen upon “Fire Your Client” and “How to deal with bad clients” posts. In fact, I often enjoy reading Business Guys on Business Trips, which takes a snarky look at dealing with clients who don’t get it Read More…

opinion Nishant Kothary

Designers, Be Happy You’re Not Dolphins16

by Nishant Kothary on May 13, 2010 in Design

Designers, Be Happy You’re Not Dolphins

I recently watched The Cove—the much-heralded documentary about the covert annual slaughter of Dolphins in Japan. Oddly, I walked away feeling sorry for designers Read More…

opinion Tim Aidlin

Design for Action1

by Tim Aidlin on Apr 19, 2010 in Design

Design for Action

As UX Professionals we have to think about moving away from traditional mouse-based interactions and think of a new way Read More…

opinion Bill Buxton

Recycled Creativity: A Note from Bill Buxton2

by Bill Buxton on Apr 12, 2010 in Design

If "redux" means a revisit of previous work, is "predux" revisiting your next work before having done your current work Read More…

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