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Gestalt Library & Source

The Gestalt library provided in the adjoining download consists of three main components as follows:

  1. dlr/DLR.js This script pulls all the code blocks, compiles them through the DLR, and injects the resultant object tag(s) back into the page.
  2. dlr/DLR.xap This is a binary that specifies where any neccesary dependencies reside.
  3. dlr/*.slvx These are the binaries that are downloaded based on your applications requirements. For example a Ruby app would download IronRuby.slvx.

Download the Library (1.95MB) release notes

Get the Source

If you're interested in modifying the source code, get it from CodePlex ».

TextMate Bundles

We're providing two simple bundles to help you kick-start Gestalt development on your Mac - one for Gestalt itself, and the other for XAML. The Gestalt bundle gives you some tab completion commands for inserting Gestalt skelaton code, doctypes, script tags, and more. The XAML bundle provides you with tab completion commands for various commonly used XAML tags. If you decide to extend the bundles, we'd love to hear about it. If you're a TextMate user, you already know that installing bundles is as simple as downloading and double-clicking.


Gestalt bundle

Download (8K)

XAML bundle

Download (12K)

XAML Playground

Check out this little browser application we built to let you experiment with XAML. You can drag and drop XAML controls onto the design surface, see the generated code-behind and even copy it into your own Gestalt applications. Note, however, that the XAML controls provided are a very small subset of those available. For a full list, check out the XAML documentation.


XAML Playground Design Surface XAML Playground Code View

Start playing with XAML

Check it out »