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Want to use jQuery to enhance the experience of your site?
Don’t want to write or cannibalize a bunch of code?
With Glimmer, easily create interactive experiences like rotating photo-galleries/mastheads,drop-down navigation, hover effects, or custom animations.
Get Microsoft Silverlight
Get started!
Watch the video, download Glimmer, check out the live samples below.

Glimmer allows you to easily create interactive elements on your web pages by harnessing the power of the jQuery library. Without having to hand-craft your JavaScript code, you can use Glimmer’s wizards to generate jQuery scripts for common interactive scenarios. Glimmer also has an advanced mode, providing a design surface for creating jQuery effects based on your existing HTML and CSS.

Glimmer jQuery Design Wizards

  • sample slide 1
  • sample slide 2
  • sample slide 3
  • sample slide 4
  • sample slide 5
Rotating image banners, or any kind of image sequencing is a snap with our Image-Sequencer Wizard.

Whether it be for advertising, mastheads for your website, or, perhaps, an image gallery for your photos, we can help. Just tell us which photos, and a little information on how you’d like them to act, and Glimmer does the rest.

sample tooltip image
Customized Tooltips
Making beautiful tooltips is easy!

Customized tooltips with images or stylized text can enhance the experience for your users.

"Freestyle" Animation
Want to go crazy?

jQuery's support for animations is amazing. Glimmer makes it easy to create standards-based, custom animations that can work directly with your existing HTML and CSS!