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A Website Named Desire

They just don't understand.

Designing, building and launching websites is real hard work — but our profession is seriously misunderstood. To help explain the process, we drew you a picture. A really big picture.

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Web designers, developers, project managers — and anyone else who's ever helped bring a website to life.

Building a website, explained.

Follow the project manager through the complicated, chaotic life-cyle of building and launching a website.

Issue #1

Getting an agreement on scope and price.

Issue #32

Tension between creatives and technical types.

Issue #16

Team resorts to Nerf war as stress mounts.

Issue #5

The PM leads the project—from start, to stress, to launch.

Issue #27

Long nights of wireframes overtake the IA lead.

Issue #56

Things go haywire when sysadmin moves servers.

Issue #33

Project Manager cheerleads through a deadline.

Issue #15

Test Engineers Can't... Get. Enough. Coffee.

Issue #81

Project Launch FTW!

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