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Countdown to MIX09: Design Is the New Black

Mar 3, 2009 By

Wanna be inspired? Listen to Bill Buxton talk about user experience and design for just 10 minutes, and then you won’t be able to sign-up fast enough for MIX09 in anticipation of his keynote at the conference. This guy is just too nifty for words. He’s the author of Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design, is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and has a 30 year involvement in research, design and commentary around human aspects of technology, and digital tools for creative endeavors, including music, film and industrial design. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a researcher at Xerox PARC,a professor at the University of Toronto,and Chief Scientist of Alias Research and SGI Inc, where he was a co-recipient of an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement! More information on Buxton and his work can be found at:, or you could just come to MIX09 and meet this cool dude in person.

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Discorax said on Mar 3, 2009

Advertising has already changed....

He''s really excited...which makes me excited to hear more in Vegas!

Dave said on Mar 6, 2009

Good stuff. Makes me wish that I could attend Mix. Bill is da bomb!

Odi said on Mar 9, 2009

Hi, is there a download link like on the Channel9 site, we can''t see the video here due to the firewall.

Samiq said on Mar 10, 2009

Sad that I won''t be there... but great to know it will be recorded... currently reading his book and I am amazed on his points of view... would love to work with him ;-)