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Countdown to MIX09: Design Matters!

Dec 12, 2008 In Design By

This week we invite Tim Aidlin, the creative director of MIX09, to tell us about the design philosophy behind the MIX creative.  We know if we’re going to hold a conference for some of the best web designers out there, then we had better make sure we show we know our stuff.  In other words, it’s not just pixels on a screen but the whole damn experience – everything.  And we tell it the story in just 10 minutes as the chicken keeps us honest about not blabbing on and on (and on and on).  :,,)

Watch the show and then grab your MIX wallpaper, blog bling, posters and more from our MIXtify page!

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Lauren Milan said on Jan 7, 2009

Great job, Tim. Can''t wait to see the work product you''ve directed with IF/THEN and Worktank; no doubt it''s going to be great!

Tim Aidlin said on Jan 7, 2009

Thanks, Lauren. It''s been a fantastic project to have the opportunity to work on. I think this year''s MIX will be one of the best and am looking forward to seeing it all come together.

IF/THEN, WorkTank, and Vertigo have all been great to work with, as has been the team here at Microsoft.

I hope you''ll be coming to MIX09 and look forward to seeing you there!

Jonah Sterling said on Feb 4, 2009

You guys are soooo freaking cute... I''ll be there with bells on. Seriously, bells.

Nice work Tim!

Neight1000 said on Feb 18, 2009

nice work Tim!