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Incarnate Updates: BlogEngine.NET Support and Service Improvements

Feb 5, 2010 In Development By Karsten Januszewski

We are excited to announce support for Incarnate in the latest BlogEngine.NET release. In addition, we have made some improvements to the Incarnate service itself. Here’s the scoop:

BlogEngine.NET Support

benlogo80 With the release of BlogEngine.NET 1.6, Incarnate is now supported.  We worked with the team behind the project and they added the infrastructure in their engine to support other avatar providers in addition to Gravatar.  Now, they have a field that stores an avatar URL in association with each comment, which works for both their XML provider and their SQL provider.

While BlogEngine.NET doesn’t support Incarnate out of the box, adding it is a breeze.  It is a simple matter of replacing a single file (/User Controls/CommentView.ascx) and you are good to go.  It works across themes.  You can download the file here. If you’d like to see an example blog that uses Blog Engine.NET with Incarnate, see If you have questions or issues getting Incarnate working with your instance of BlogEngine.NET, let us know and we’ll be happy to help. And, hats off to the BlogEngine.NET team on a great release.

Incarnate Service Updates

We made two updates to the Incarnate service itself, which is hosted at  First, we’ve resolved cases in which the XBoxLive avatar provider returned 404s instead of the default XBoxLive avatar. You’ll no longer see an unattractive “not found” graphic. Second, for people consuming the service directly,the REST API is no longer case sensitive. 

We also made several updates to the Windows Azure infrastructure,including changing the actual instance used by Azure. Behind the scenes, we pointed the url to a different Azure instance using cnames.

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joaquin limpieza joaquin limpieza said on May 10, 2010

Muy interesante la aclaración. Tenia dudas pero ahora si me he aclarado bastante. Lo utilizare para mi próximo Blog. Gracias.

colin graham colin graham said on Sep 5, 2010

i tried this download but it just broke my blog engine .net installation - had to remove quite quickly. do you have any updates on this

Karsten Januszewski Karsten Januszewski said on Sep 8, 2010

@colin graham -- Can you tell me more about how it broke? I''m running this on a blog installation at and it is working fine...

rtur rtur said on Jan 14, 2011

Very nice, added it to my blog. One thing you might change is to remove jQuery reference - BlogEngine 2.0 adds it by default and I had to remove it from Incarnate code to avoid conflicts in JavaScript. With this modification, works great!

Karsten Januszewski Karsten Januszewski said on Jan 14, 2011

@rtur -- good catch! I''ve updated the .ascx file in our download.

Brian Wilson said on May 11, 2011

Incarnate looks great and is a great idea and I would like to add it to my Web Design Northern Ireland Blog, however, when I type my twitter id @abipo into your test page it does not pull back my avatar. You can see the avatar if you go to Any idea what''s up?


admin said on May 11, 2011

@Brian - Thanks for the head''s up. Seems like something changed with Twitter and how we pull avatars. Currently investigating...

Online Dating said on Sep 1, 2011

yes how did it break?

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