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Introducing MIX Online 2.61803399

May 2, 2011 In News By Nishant Kothary

Just over a year ago, we released a major update to MIX Online dubbed 2.0. Today, we are releasing another update, albeit smaller — MIX Online 2.61803399. Yes, you read that right.

We've been seemingly quiet here at MIX Online for the past few weeks, and for good reason. As our friend, Tiffani Jones, wrote us a few months ago — Ch-ch-ch-changes have been in the air.


Specifically, there have been two major developments —

  1. MIX Online is now leaner. Thomas, Hans, Tim – founding members of MIX Online – moved on to different roles both, within, and outside the company. Tiffani Jones, our trusty editor and content strategist recently joined Facebook's Design team along with her husband, Matt Brown, whom you may recall as one of the driving forces and creative geniuses behind our designs. We miss them all dearly, and as Thomas would say, we expect them to continue doing “brutal” things.
  2. Then there's the matter of MIX Online references cropping up in seemingly random places on the Web. For instance, here Jason references MIX Online as having commissioned the delightful Lost World's Fairs. Or here, the honorable Mr. Zeldman references MIX Online as a partner in bringing 10K Apart to life. Or here and here,  Aaron and Dan reference Microsoft (p.s. that's us; don't believe us, check the footer) as sponsoring Web Standards Sherpa.

These two developments is what lead us to the most significant feature of this site update — the Work section.

New global nav

Putting Labs to Work

The new Work section replaces the ‘Labs' section marking a significant shift in how we MIX Online will operate moving forward.

We will be moving away from building little prototypes ourselves to making more — and we hate to throw this word around, but it's really the only appropriate one — “strategic” investments in community collaborations. Meander into the Work section, and you'll immediately see from our portfolio of recent work why this makes sense (also, the seemingly random references I mentioned earlier won't seem so random anymore).

Simply put, these strategic collaborations let us retain our project volume without compromising quality, despite a leaner team. Leanness is a very good thing, by the way — Chapter 3 of Getting Real.

What else?

Connecting the Dots

Here are some things you probably didn't know about MIX Online:

  • It is brought to you by the same team that brings you Microsoft's flagship developer community — Channel 9. Our team is one and the same, so much so that I was even the Creative Director for the Channel 9 redesign last year.
  • The MIX Online team has been very involved in many aspects of the MIX event — over the years, members of our team have been responsible for starting and managing the UX track, curating sessions by external presenters, building and presenting keynote demos, managing the Bill Buxton keynotes, and more.
  • MIX Online is a proud member of the Smashing Magazine Network.

These facts are now reflected on our site.

Take the new “The Event Reel” aside on the home page, for instance. Channel 9 built an experience that lets you virtually experience our annual MIX conferences after the fact, and this section prominently promotes this.

Onwards and Upwards

What does the future hold for MIX Online? Simple — Moar articles, moar opinions, moar projects. Because moar!

And for those of you curious about the version number of this release, yes, that's the golden ratio in there. In this context, it's a not-so-subtle (yes, even cheesy) reference to the repeated patterns of randomness in nature, the hidden formula for structural integrity, design magic, etc. — you get the idea. Then again, as Joshua pointed out via this thread a few weeks ago, the golden ratio may all just be a load of crap.

Either way, we're going to have a lot of fun moving forward. We remain floored by your support, and we hope you'll be sticking around.

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