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Meet the 10K Apart Winners

Oct 13, 2011 In News By Nishant Kothary

Two months ago, we announced the second 10K Apart contest — The Responsive Edition — in partnership with our friends at An Event Apart. Today, after much deliberating, we are proud to announce the very deserving, incredibly inspiring, and mind-numbingly clever winners. Check them out on the 10K site.

10K Winners

To give you a little background, the contest received a whopping 128 entries in just over a month from 36 countries. Everything from addictive little games to fully functioning web applications. And, much like the first contest, the entrants somehow defied the impossible by how much they were able to pack into 10 kilobytes, albeit zipped this time around.

Judging such a diverse array of entries was anything but easy, and you can see this in the fact that instead of nine notable mentions, we’re announcing twelve (thankfully, our budget made us draw a line there). And, as painful as it was, we agreed to honor the core rule of the contest by favoring the responsive entries over the non-responsive ones for all the cash prizes. Speaking of winners, if you’re one, we’ll be contacting you by email within the next two weeks.

And thus we’re at the bittersweet end of yet another wonderful moment of transience on the Web. A heartfelt thank you to all the brilliant contestants, and to all of you who took the time to encourage them by spreading the word, or by simply spending time in their applications. We’ll leave the lights on, so stop by the gallery any time.

Until next time!

The 10K Apart Team

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