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MIX10 Dates Announced

Mar 19, 2009 By

It’s not too early to start thinking about MIX10 (March 15 – 17, 2010) in Vegas, baby!  Add your email to the MIX10 mailing list and we’ll contact you when registration opens.  And just like last year, you’ll get all the latest special offers and news from the MIX10 site.

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Adolfo Foronda said on Mar 24, 2009

If I could register today I would, thats how great this conference is.

Brian Foote said on Sep 3, 2009

Your link looks busted...

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Hans Hugli said on Sep 8, 2009

Thanks for letting us know Brian!

Andrew said on Nov 7, 2009

Link is still busted, I get a runtime error

Shaun said on Dec 15, 2009

You have a broken Link on the MIX10 mailing List..

Thomas Lewis said on Dec 15, 2009

Shaun - you can get to the mailing list at: