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Lab Notes

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Protected: Silverlight 3 Sessions at MIX09

Jan 14, 2009 By

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Vaclav Elias said on Jan 16, 2009

Hey, very good news!!

Still have been busy learning Silverlight 2 :-)

Santhosh said on Jan 21, 2009

I think microsoft every fotnight releasing new technology never end saga.

I think I need to keep up still my retirement.

Good keep up the good work......

J J R and S said on Jan 28, 2009

Your navigation is awful 1

Keeping up with things mentioned in press releases should be a priority. 2

I want to see what the mentioned upgrades for paint are -- can I ???? apparently not. 3

Sidelined into the videos - they have no subtitles a hell of a lot of wasted opportunity (couldnt lip read) staring at heads - those videos could be a lot better. 4

Unusual buffering system and you can see the joins 5

ufuk said on Feb 22, 2009

What''s New in Silverlight 3 Media. Learn about the latest media features available with Silverilght 3.

Silverilght .. really?

SorinD said on Mar 2, 2009

Is LicenseProvider base class offered within Silverlight 3? That''s the big question I have. Without the possibility to add a custom safe licensing mechanism we cannot develop Silverlight controls for sale (we don''t want to use Web services for verifying the license key, because we won''t host the applications developed by our customers with our controls - they will host them theirselves! The .LIC -> Lc.exe -> .LICENSES file to host would be a lot better choice!)

Ed Hard said on Sep 9, 2009

Great list! Also styleneat - been using it regularly, works great.