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SynapticMash @ MIX09

Mar 21, 2009 By

SynapticMash is a startup providing services to educational institutions, built on Microsoft technologies. We interviewed Ramona Pierson of SynapticMash to find out more about SynapticMash, and to get her thoughts about MIX09 and working with Microsoft.

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Audra said on Apr 16, 2010

Fantastic and practical commentary about how the historic/current problems associated with tracking student/teacher data (those things that make what is essentially a logistic nightmare) into a systemic ''dream-reality''! You are definitely a ''doer'', Ramona!

alan said on Jun 4, 2010

Great revealing interview!
Ramona gives great solutions to the limits of todays separation between schools and community services like Health and Human Services. In todays fiscally challenging environment Synaptic Mash looks poised to give the schools and the community the best value for the educational dollar.

Go Ramona!

Coach Purse said on May 31, 2012

I saw this actually excellent post these days!